Hommage a Françoise Zonabend

Hommage to Françoise Zonabend, cemetery of Digulleville, France, 2016




Akasam, Lar, Iran, 2017

Misterios de una casa,  Casa de la Cultura, Guanabacoa, Cuba, 2014

 FoursightMetro Galleries, Bakersfield, 2012

Mon 50 en 50 Fort St. Martin Gallery, Cherbourg, France, 2010

 Georgios , Didi Gallery, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, 2007

Fort St. Martin Gallery, Cherbourg, France, 2005

 Images of IslamTaos Film Festival, 2003

 Moments on the PathDaVinci Gallery, Philadelphia, 2003

 Hidden Portraits of IranSacred and Sensual Gallery, Tokyo ,2002

 Images of the Uighurs, On the Silk Road, Washington DC, 2002

 Arab Moments, Arab Film Festival, San Francisco, 2001

Moments of Exaltation, People of FaithNigma Gallery, Naples, 2000

Arab Moments , Fort St. Martin Gallery, Cherbourg, France, 2000


2010, Artisterium, Tbilisi, Republica de Georgia

2009ArtSpan, San Francisco, USA




Fe Complex, Santa Fe, USA

2003, Taos Film Festival, Taos, USA

2003, YMCI gallery, Asheville, USA

2001, Central Mosque San Francisco, USA

2001, Arab Cultural Center, San Francisco, USA

2000, Arab Cultural Center, San Francisco, USA

2000, Photoworks, San Francisco, USA

1995, Festival on the Lake, Oakland, USA